Dr. Irit Van Ham, PhD



Dr. Irit Van Ham Lead Scientist & CTO
Having a PhD in pharmacology and Specializing in Toxicology  and unique formulation, Dr. Van-Ham brings vast experience  to ToeFX.  Dr. Van-Ham is the formulator and chief scientist behind the ToeFX fungal treatment serum.  Irit is passionate to helping solve  Toenail Fungus infection and is the driving force of ToeFX.

Thomas J. Fiser, RN



Thomas (Tom) Fiser, Registered Nurse
Being a Foot Care Nurse since 2004 and running a foot care clinic, Tom has seen many foot problems.  Some of the more prevalent yet least successfully treated was Toenail Fungus.  In 2014 Tom went on a quest to discover the best treatments and stumbled upon Photo-dynamic Therapy (PDT) being used in Dentistry, Cancer treatments and Veterinary.  Tom found that PDT was not being used for the treatment for Nail Fungus.  Thus in 2016 After meeting Dr. Irit Van Ham ToeFX was formed.

History of ToeFX

ToeFX Established

  •  2016 

Complete History


In over 10 years of performing foot care on clients/patients Tom saw many people with yellow, brown, green, black, discoloured and dystrophic thick toenails.    These people were seen by their Doctors in most cases no tests were done to confirm fungus, also they were treated with oral, and/or topical medications.  In early 2014 in discussion with a friend who is a Dentist, Tom discovered that they use Photo-dynamic Therapy (PDT) in dentistry for root canals, then later doing some research found it is also used in Veterinary medicine as well as the treatment of cancer in some areas of the world.

In further research PDT has sterilizing properties and is relatively a safe treatment with minimal to now side effects.  A reasesach paper was also found from India from many years ago were PDT was used to treat a few fungal toenails with some success.

Early in 2015 Tom met Dr. Irit Van-Ham, PhD, with her background in formulation, chemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, as well as a history or working for Teva and Health Canada.  The two felt this would make a good team.